Limb Salvage

What Does Limb Salvage Mean for Diabetics?

Diabetes is a common medical condition that can affect the major systems of your body including your circulatory, immune, and nervous systems. One of the more serious effects on your circulatory system is lack of blood flow to your extremities. This lack of blood flow can cause soft tissue death, especially in your extremities including your feet and toes, potentially resulting in the need for amputations.

Diabetes & Your Immune System

limb salvage

The effects of diabetes on your immune system can result in you having a cut or blister that won’t heal, and which turns into a diabetic ulcer. Nervous system issues associated with diabetes can include injuries to your feet or toes, and you may not feel the injury. Even small injuries can have serious consequences.

Limb Salvage Techniques

Dr. John Goggin and Dr. John V. Perrone at Atlantic Podiatry in Fort Pierce, Florida are experts at treatment known as diabetic limb salvage, the goal of which is to avoid amputation if possible, and preserve the function of the affected extremity.

Diabetic limb salvage techniques utilize several medical treatments from diverse medical disciplines, including:

  • Surgery, to eliminate infection and diseased tissue, and to reconstruct limbs and extremities
  • Vascular medicine, to restore blood flow and aid healing in affected areas
  • Infectious disease, to treat diabetic infections using a combination of antibiotics and other medicines
  • Internal medicine, to manage additional medical conditions including heart disease and diabetes
  • Physical therapy, to improve strength, mobility, and function

Diabetic limb salvage involves several different services available from your podiatrist. At Atlantic Podiatry, your podiatrist can remove damaged or compromised tissue and treat wounds and infections. These services help to preserve healthy tissue and facilitate healing. Tissue reconstruction may also be a part of the recommended treatment, to restore full function and appearance of affected limbs.

To find out more about diabetic limb salvage and how it can help you, 

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